Business Property & Business Interruption

Provide protection "All Risk" to damage the building and its contents on fire, riot, flood, burglary, earthquake and losses due to business interruption as:

  • Hotel
  • Mall/Shopping Center
  • Manufacture/Factory
  • Warehouse
  • Small/Medium Enterprise
  • Office
  • School/University


Provide protection in the event the insured legal liability to third parties for bodily injury or property damage caused by their negligence in business activities performed by the insured and the insured, the insured employee or damage that occurs in a place belonging to the insured.

  • Public Liability

Provide a guarantee in terms of legal liability insured to third parties of personal injury or property damage caused by the nature, condition or quality of the products produced by the Insured.

  • Product Liability

Other Liability Products:          

  • Workmen Compensation & Employers
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Directors & Officers

Fleet Cars

Protect your fleet vehicle including your legal obligations to third parties for the death or injury of physical and or damage to property against loss or physical damage as a result of risks covered, such as collision, fire, vehicle overturned, unrest and riots, earthquakes earth, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and floods.


Providing protection for your goods when being delivered to the customer against loss or physical damage as a result of the risks covered.

Boats & Airplane

Provides guarantee on the damage or loss of hull and its equipment.

Group Accident & Health

Group Travel


Providing protection for the material damage in the construction phase of construction and installation of machinery.

  • Building Construction
  • Erection of Machinery

There is also special protection for electronic equipment

  • Electronic Equipment

Money & Employee Dishonesty

Provide protection against loss of money stored in safes and in transit.

  • Cash in Safe
  • Cash in Transit

Provide Protection financial losses directly caused by fraud or dishonesty committed by employee.

  • Fidelity Guarantee

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